Any experience with “openBalena” and UNIPY Neuron / Gate?

  • Hello everyone,
    Does anybody have any experience with “openBalena” and UNIPY Neuron / Gate?

    I have stumbled across this piece of SW when I was looking for solution on how to maintain fleets of IoT devices. Which “openBalena” does provide for their supported HW and Raspberry PI. But idk if it could work with UNIPY Gate for example.

    Fun info: in UNIPY KB “balenaEtcher” is recommended for flashing the SD cards. This SW is from the same company that manages "openBalena". So I figured out maybe even some devs have some experience with it?

    Any answers are welcome.
    With regards,
    Jakub Szlaur

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    Hello @JakubSzlaur,
    we are experimenting with Balena for Unipi Neuron. There is already a public support, we just don't have any examples of how to use it:

    The Unipi Gate doesn't run on Raspberry Pi, but rather a Rock Pi. There is no support or work in progress for this platform we now of.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for the reply.
    I figured out it should be possible for the UNIPI Neuron (because as you said it is built on RBPI3 which "openBalena" does support).

    Do you have any other solutions for maintaining fleets of UNIPI Gate modules? Using third-party SW? We are aiming to mainly use UNIPI modules with Node-red.

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