Neuron M303 with Raspberry 4

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    I'm thinking about getting a Unipi Neuron system, specifically the Neuron M303 and I'm wondering if it's possible to have it in a Raspberry Pi 4 variant?
    Sorry for probably common question but didn't found it via search.

    I understand there are different connectors and request for cooling.
    I'm not concerned about the performance increase (I'd rather underclock it anyway, due to temperature), as more about the potential life extension, newer device will be easier to get if it goes away in a few years (both, the Raspberry or the whole Neuron). So that I can replace piece for piece, without other changes.

    If I use the S103 (Raspberry Pi 4) + Extension xS11 instead, is there any way to characterize how latency will get worse? I mean, surely an input on one box, affecting the output on the other box, via Modbus, will be slower than when input and output are in one box?

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    Unfortunately, so far we only have Neuron S103 with RPi4. This is due to higher cooling requirements and due to the different layout of connectors on RPi4.

    The difference in communication speed between the variant in one box and the variant with Extension is not so important for most applications and it always depends on the optimization (number of read registers, reading period, etc.).

    In general, you can assume that the speed for internal communication is 115200 bps (and higher) and the communication speed via RS485 is according to the settings, but 19200 bps is used by default due to the excellent ratio between speed and stability.

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