Websockets Disconnecting

  • Hi All

    Wonder if anyone has any ideas, My Raspberry Pi occasionally drops the Websockets connection to the Unipi, I can't see anyway to have it reconnect apart from a reboot.
    Is there's some logs I can check to see why its dropping connection, or some way of monitoring the connection to warn me if it drops and maybe a way to cause a reconnect?



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    Hello @DAWaller,
    please share a bit more information. What software do you use? Are you connecting to the Evok? Can you verify, whether the Evok stops responding on the websockets entirely?

    Thank you and have a nice day,

  • Good Evening

    I'll be honest, not 100% sure, still a bit of a beginner. I'm using the Node Red image from the unipi website. How would I check the Evok?



  • administrators

    Hello @DAWaller,

    can you please describe your application in more detail? Websocket connection is provided by Evok software. Node-RED uses this type of connection to communicate with the I/Os.

    Do you see the connection outages from Node-RED running on the same unit?

    What displays the Node-RED debug console?

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