Recommended way of connecting analog sensor

  • Hi,
    I've bought UniPi 1.1.

    I would like to connect URM09 distance sensor analog output to one of analog inputs on UniPi 1.1. Please, notice that sensor is single-ended analog sensor working on 5VDC.

    What is the recommended way of connecting the URM09's analog output to one of analog input on UniPi 1.1?
    I thought about connecting A1- to GND and A1+ to output of the sensor.
    But in that case I will not know what is the reference voltage and i need to properly calculate the voltage on analog input.

    Vref = (ADC * Vref) / 4294967296

    4294967296 is ADC resolution, i know it from analog input tutorial.

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    The sensor output is 0-5 VDC. The analog input on the Unipi 1.1 measures in the range 0-10V. Directly measured voltage values are available in EVOK, so it is not necessary to perform further calculations.

    You can connect the sensor as you type: connect the ground (-) of the sensor to AI- and connect the analog output (A) of the sensor to AI+.

  • Thx for explanation!

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