DI Extension to UniPi 1.1

  • Guys,

    Isn't there any chance to extend the amount of DI to the unipi other than buying more unipis?
    In the meantime I have 3 unipis, 1 AO board & 8 relay boards so far. Now I just need more DI to connect additional switches for manual control of the home automation.

    Isn't there any elegant, of-the-shelve solution which collects the switch activity locally and communicates it to the unipi through the network (either modbus, sccp or other)?

    In the past you had DI extension boards, but more often your products are discontinued, which prevents me to perform an upgrade to Neuron, Axon or other successing PLCs of yours. This makes it difficult for those who supported you from the very beginning...

    Any ideas are welcome!


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    Hello @CKB,
    we don't have DI board per-se, but you have (at least) two choices:

    1. Use Unipi Extension and connect it to the Unipi 1.1 via USB/RS485 converter. The configuration then depends on the SW you are using.
    2. Use another Unipi 1.1 board and communicate with it over ethernet, as you suggested. The communication protocol depends on the SW you are using - in case of Mervis the SSCP is the best way.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Martin,

    'The module (...) is compatible with both Unipi Neuron and Unipi Patron controllers, as well as PLCs from other vendors' - so it's compatible as well with Unipi 1.1 then?

    Is there an extension module with only DI planned for the near future?


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    Hi @CKB,
    the Unipi Extensions are generic ModbusRTU slaves. Since they communicate over RS485 and Unipi 1.1 doesn't have any, you need to use USB/RS485 converter.

    Best regards,

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