Unipi 1.1 Node-RED OS doesn't start

  • I download and installed the "Unipi 1.1 Node-RED OS" image with Balena Etcher as described in the manual. But after I put the SD card in the Raspberry Pi the image will not starting up.

    I get stuck on the boot screen.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    It gets stuck on the following screen:
    Startup unipi1.1 nodered OS.jpg

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    Hello @wolge,
    I can confirm, that the Unipi 1.1 image cannot boot. We are looking into the issue. Once we will resolve it, I'll reply to you in this thread.

    Thanks for letting us know,

  • Hello @Martin-Kudláček, I installed the image on the SD card with a program named "ApplePiBaker" and now it works! 😃

    I don't know why it would work when I did the same proces with Balena Etcher.
    I also tried to install the image on the SD card with Disk Utility on my Mac but this also didn't work.

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