Attach PLC via UDP broadcast not finding Axon M525 (after other problems)

  • I've been having problems with a new Axon M525. It initially wasn't showing up in mDNS/avahi/Bonjour, so I tried flashing it via the web service interface. That failed and the web interface stopped working, so I flashed it with a USB drive, which succeeded. It now shows up in mDNS and I can access the HMI, but Mervis does not find it when using the Attach PLC - UDP broadcast. I can find the two M505s I have on the same network.

    I have tried attaching with both Mervis 2.1.3 and 2.2.0. I believe the USB drive I flashed with had v1.9 on it.

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    Hi @Matt,
    please use the appropriate version of the image. It should work with the image 1.9, but for the Mervis 2.2.x use the 2.2.x image:

  • FYI, it looks like OS 2.2 just doesn't have mDNS/avahi enabled. I've tried it on the M525 and an M505. I was on a different network so I was trying to find the IP address with avahi, and then resorted straight to flashing it when I couldn't find it.

    It looks like IDE 2.1.3 doesn't support the M525. I've got a solution with two existing M505s I wanted to add it to but it doesn't even show up as an option in the manual device list. Do I have to upgrade my solution to IDE 2.2.0 to add the M525? It looks like this will require me to upgrade the OS on the M505s (from 1.9), correct?

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