Unable to connect to the controller or activate the licence.

  • Hello.
    For last few days i have problem with connecting to the plc, no device found.
    Sometimes help to connecting directly to the controller from laptop and i found the controller have diffrent IP address then i set. Very strange address like, i dont now why plc its changing the address sometimes. This is a big problem for me.
    Also sometimes i wasnt able to connect to plc at all and i have to flash the OS on sd card to make work and now i cant activate the licence as well.
    Today at night the controller just stop itself and i have to reboot in the morning to get my heating working.
    Can you help with the problem?

  • administrators

    Hi @ZigZak,

    did everything worked well after the call and email with our Support?

  • Hi Tomas.
    Yes, after reinstalling OS on industrial SD card everything its ok.
    I think the problems became becouse of the wrong settings in Mervis DB and Proxy, also probobly i was saving the project in proxy profile, im not sure.
    After reinstalling OS i didnt use Proxy or DB and it was ok, few days before i try to connect the controller to db and proxy and problem apear again, lucky i was able to disable them and after cold reboot everything its working fine. I think my settings its wrong, what its correct URL for DB and Proxy server, on Mervis KB site they are the same for diffrent version of Mervis. I got mervis 2.3.0 installed.
    Also i have some questions:
    How to in HMI editor create momentary pushbutton?
    Can i set the delay timer time from HMI and how, i try various options but didnt work.
    How to create and use fupla blocks, i manage to create one (i think) , it is in solution properties but cant use it, i try to drag and drop but not working. How to do this?
    Can modbus client and modbus server can be use at the same time?
    Also i have finger print sensor
    Any chance to connect it to the controller using UART or USB?

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