Extension xG18 on unipi 1.1

  • Hallo Unipi Team,
    I am new to Modbus and now want to connect Extension xG18 to my unipi 1.1.
    What is the evok interface to modbus?
    How can I access modbus through evok?
    Is there a connection cable coming with the Extension xG18 device?
    The Extension xG18 will be about 5 to 6 meter away from my unipi 1.1.
    Any info/help appreciated

  • administrators

    Hello @juntiedt,
    the Unipi 1.1 doesn't have RS485 interface, so you need to use some RS485/USB converter. The latest Evok has support for xG18, you just need to set it in the /etc/evok.conf as a normal Unipi Extension.

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