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  • Hello,
    I'm looking for a way to read values of variables from Mervis (e.g. temperature values) and process them in other systems. The approach of using Mervis RT's web panel API ( ) seemed to promise success.
    I found that the necessary URIs were apparently not implemented in the Mervis version of UniPi. When I call the URI for the variable values, I get "Unknown request URI /values.cgi" in response.
    /login.cgi and /command.cgi seem to be implemented, /history.cgi and /values.cgi not.
    Can this be confirmed and is there a way to complete the API? I work with Mervis IDE 2.0.12.

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    Hello @todward,
    tha IDE 2.0 is quite ancient and it dates to the times when the HMI editor and IDE has been separated and the API has been different. In current Mervis IDE 2.3.0, the API is working:


    On a side note, you can make variables available over ModbusTCP or BACnet/IP server in the Mervis 2.3.0. Maybe it will be more convenient for your other system.

    Best regards,

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