1-wire sensors and Mervis - need to replicate configuration easely

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    Easy to explain: 1 UNIPI S105 and 6 temperature sensors on 1-wire bus.
    All is ok. To configure from scratch i have to add-channel, select Onewire, right click on channel_0, detect sensor, select all 6 detected sensors, map each temperature variable to a modbus register and BUM, it's working.

    What if i have to make hundreds of this configuration?
    Simply it's not functional, becouse even if i save the Mervis configuration, (as far as i know and i tried) it does not work on new controller because of the uID of 1-WIRE, every sensor has a different ID so MERVIS configuration has to be updated every time, booting the device with attacched new sensors, scan the bus, attach variables to modbus registers etc etc...

    Is there a way to have a mervis configuration that work out of the box?

  • i spotted that linux kernel module does not have this limitation in functionality. From the first boot i can access to the sensors info without any configuration using the meta filesystem /sys/bus/w1
    i do not know if this can help.

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    Hello @nicola-mondinelli,
    I just replied to you via email, I'll repost it here:

    Mervis currently doesn't have such functionality. We are about to release an active 1-Wire gateway called xG18, via which you will be able to read 1-Wire sensors without the need of knowing their addresses. This will be released to public by the end of the March / beginning of the April.

    The OWFS subsystem is able to detect the sensors, but you still need to know which address belongs to which sensor.

    Best regards,