Task count error

  • Hello,

    With new version of Mervis IDE 2.2.0, I get an error when compiling my project with 2 tasks on an Axon M505 PLC:


    This was not the case with IDE 2.1.3 !?
    Is this a bug or a new limitation?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hello @pascal37 ,
    the limitation was in the older Mervis as well. You cannot define two tasks, but if you want to run two programs, simply add them into single task.

    Best regards,

  • Hi @Martin-Kudláček,

    Sorry, I maintain that with Mervis IDE 2.1.3 (80903) it was possible to have multiple tasks running on an Axon M505.

    The problem with a single task running multiple programs is that the quickest program will not re-execute as long as the slowest program has not finished...

    The other advantage to have multiples tasks is the ability to set different priorities, execution type and sleep ratio.

    Please check if this is not a bug with IDE 2.2.0 (91474) !?

    Many thanks in advance

  • administrators

    Hi @pascal37,
    technically, in older IDEs it was possible to configure more tasks, but they behaved erradicaly. The communication stopped working randomly and so on. This problem is buried deep in the MervisRT and will take some time to fix. That's the reason, why since IDE 2.2.0 the multiple tasks are disabled.

    Thanks for understanding,

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