openLibrary and HVAC Library

  • Hello Everyone,
    I would like to know if there is a project around a Openlibrary that we could import easely in Mervis.
    A library with fonction block or with ST functions.

    I don't know if you heard about OSCAT wich is a very complete open library for basics and building functions.Do you think it's possible to import and use it in Mervis?

    I know that a basic function as counter could be easy to integrate. but i'm more interesting concernig date and time or special type of variables.

    Futhermore concerning HVAC library i saw a small folder with few functions, do you plan to add somes? is it possible to have more?
    many thanks for your answers.

  • administrators

    Hello @kapdujour,
    unfortunately we don't plan to port the OSCAT libraries to Mervis. You can try yourself - if they are truly IEC61131-3 compatible, simple recreating them in Mervis should be sufficient.

    Best regards,

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