Waste water and irrigation automation

  • Hello,
    I am thinking of automating several activities I do around waste water (rain) and garden irrigation. The basic idea is to:

    • monitor water level in 2 tanks and 2 wells
    • based on level of water pump it over from one to another
    • send an alert via SMS gateway if any pump is broken
    • give visual representation of water level in wells and tanks (at minimum 0, 25, 50, 75 100%)
    • ability to manualy pump the water
    • all this by a Web GUI accessible from Internet.

    I am currently experimenting with Arduino platform but I am reaching limits of my capacity as hobbyist and also availability of finding a suitable level measurement sensors for wells (diameter 35cm, depth 5,5m and pump is fixed to a aluminium stick).

    I should also mention, that the wells and tanks areat several positions on my garden within 100m from house and there is 220V because of pumps.

    And lastly, since I am an IT guy, I would like to be able to change the logic of the system as neccessary.

    Is unipi a suitable platform for this.type of projects? And if so, are there any specialist available to help / cooperate on the system?


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    Hello @mike,
    I am currently working on a very similar project - monitoring of a groundwater level and a independently controlled water pumps. There will be a web interface with information about exact water level in cm (up to 5m) with charted historical values and when the set threshold level will be exceeded an email and SMS will be sent to a set of addresses. All of that accesible via web interface.

    If you are interested, please contact me on martin@modori.cz. We can continue in Czech language there.

    Have a nice day,

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