Neuron L203 DI not working

  • Hi all,
    after one year of production working of one L203 with 8 extension module i need to report that some time I strange behavior very difficult to troubleshoot.
    The last case was very schematic so i'm able to describe it.
    Some DI of L203 (related so push button in my house) stop to work.
    I used Mervis debug to see what was wrong and the only I see is that 4 DI of L203 are in FALSE state with red indication.
    I don't think it's a software problem but seems an hardware problem.
    This time the software reboot do not worked, only solution was a power off and on of L203.
    Any suggestion how to solve those strange behavior?
    They happen with very low frequency, initially they were once a month but now they are weekly.
    Thanks for the support.

  • let me add the screenshot from Mervis Debug showing the 4 DI variable in red status.

  • administrators

    Hello @arolli,

    that might be firmware related issue. We expect to release a new IDE and Neuron Mervis OS within a few weeks. Once it's out and you'll have some time to migrate the project to the upcomming Mervis version, it should be fixed.

  • I have a similar for my Neuron L303. I didn't check via Mervis, but I just noticed that the indicator LEDs on the unipi itself was not reacting in any way anymore for some specific DI (others still working).

    Do you think this is due to the same firmware issue or a more fundamental hardware issue? And why would I only have this issue now? I have only been running my unipi for some debugging purposes up until now (it's just when experimenting with my actual full set of push buttons that I started to notice this).

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