no neuron eeprom data detected after restarting the unit

  • Sorry for the double post, I initially thought it was a problem with the evok api, but after investigation it looks more like a hardware problem, so I'll repost here.

    My Neuron L203 was working perfectly until this morning, when I turned it off then on (because directSwitch relays where not responding so I wanted to reboot it).
    Upon restart, running the gives an error "NO NEURON EEPROM DATA DETECTED" and the service fails to start.
    (note, the directSwitch relays are now working again. but obviously nothing else is working)

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    @stephane-clavel Do the RUN leds blink? Did you save the direct switch configuration to NV ram or do you set ip up again after boot? Can you provide the output of i2cdetect -y 1 ?

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