Where is the online PLC value column...?

  • Hi,

    New to Mervis and UniPi. Trying to follow the tutorials and now adding a temperature sensor over 1-wire.
    Seems to be working ok, but I can't find the Online PLC column for the variable as indicated in the tutorial.
    The value for the sensor seems to be ok in the program, I can see it in the FDB editor.
    Best regards,
    Jón F.

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    Hi @jonffh,
    the online PLC values are shown in the "Variable browser". What you are looking at is the definition of the 1-Wire thermometer prototype.

    Normally, you should se the "Variable browser" among other tabs like "System status", etc. You probably closed the tab. To reopen it, click on the "View" in top menu and then click on the "Variable Browser".

    Best regards,

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