A Bulletin Board for Recruiting/Hire/advertise a Software Developer

  • Could UniPi ad A builtin board for recruiting/hire/advertise a software developer.

    I think many people that wane use a UniPi for there project, and see the benefits of the UniPi devices, but lack (some/all) the skills to complete the project they wane use it for.

    • It could be they have no or very limited skills, and need a lot of help.
    • It could be that they have the skills but need some help (but more then the SW Q&A could solve) whit a problem they are having.
    • It could be that they have just need for extra manpower to finish a project on time.

    My suggestion would be to have two sections with the same sup sections as in SW Q&A, one ware coders/developers advertise the skills, and one ware people can ask for coders/developers.

    It would also be nice if a section for reviews would be added to the profile's.

  • administrators

    Hello @havor,
    thank you for such interesing idea! I will discuss it with the rest of the UniPi team and let's see what can be done.

    Thank you and have a nice day,

  • Intresting! I would partecipate as Codesys developer!

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