12V Expensive mistake

  • Hi All!

    A friend of mine accidentally connected his Unipi 1.1 Board with a raspberry pi 3b+ to a 12V adapter. The raspberry shut down after a very short time because it became to hot.

    After the incident i've tested the raspberry with one of my own Unipi's and that still worked. Only the Unipi 1.1 board is not detected anymore using i2cdetect. The voltages on the Unipi are still all ok, the LED's on the inputs still work.

    I've read that during the first start a firmware is flashed into the unipi.
    That process was probably aborted by the shutdown of the raspberry.
    Can we check ourselves if that is the case? In other words, can we flash the firmware ourselves using (i.e. a rs232 connection or SPI, i even got a JTAG interface if needed)?

    Please let me know!


    Jasper Jackson

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    Hi @jasperjackson,
    I am afraid the UniPi 1.1 board is damaged. The flashing of the firmware is done only on Neurons and Axons. There is no startup procedure that could go wrong on UniPi 1.1, that means the higher voltage did some electrical damage.

    Best regards,

  • @martin-kudláček OK! Thank you!

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