UniPi Neuron for CODESYS SL

  • Hi,

    It seems like the "UniPi Neuron for CODESYS SL" has been removed from the Codesys store. I also notice that the required Unipian image has been removed from the Unipi download area.

    What is going on? What do I need to do to use Codesys with my Neuron?


  • Sorry for the confusion. UniPi had removed the UniPian image and so I removed UniPi Neuron for CODESYS from the CODESYS store. I have since been working with UniPi and a new Image for UniPian was released today.
    The UniPian image will work with CODESYS 3.5.12.x and the release UniPi Neuron for CODESYS.
    3S have also released a new Version of CODESYS which requires a rebuild and retest of UniPi Neuron for CODESYS before the product can be re-enabled in the CODESYS store. I anticipate that this will be released by 17/1/19. I will post here when the new version is available.

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