CODESYS to Neuron comm problem

  • Hi
    I have a problem with running modbus communication between CODESYS and Neuron S103.
    I performed the installation according to the instructions on the web CoDeSys. The screenshot shows an unipi_modbus_server error message.
    I tested the last unipian image, and mervis OS image.
    Please tell me where I'm making a mistake.

                                                                        thank you

  • Hi

    Here's a screenshot of the experiment with image
    Previous text related to image
    The same procedure, the error (maybe) the same.

  • Hi Ludwigj,
    I'm sorry to say but there was a compatibility issue with the version of UniPian that you are using. If you use the version referenced in the datasheet then you should see no problem.

    UniPi have released a new Version of UniPian V1.9 today that I believe resolves the issue.

    regards David

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