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  • Hello,
    In order to install Unipi 1.1 in a different VLAN than my PC, I need the list of IP ports TCP and UDP to open in my firewall.
    Does anybody can give me this list of ports used between Raspberry (Unipi 1.1) and Mervis IDE?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello @francoisd,
    the ports are:

    TCP/12346 - For uploading solution
    TCP/80 - For Web HMI

    That should be all. TCP/22 for SSH is handy to have. If you are planning to run ModbusTCP slave in Mervis, then you have to allow another port as well.

    For outgoing communication there should be access to internet via:

    TCP/80 - For MervisDB
    TCP/6677 - For Mervis Proxy

    Best regards,

  • Hello Martin,
    Thank you very much.
    I think there is also an UDP port to find PLC (UDP Broadcast). Whitch one is it?

    Best regards

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