• Can I use PIGPIO at the same time with EVOK

    I have installed os-images:unipian-neuron-os-2018-06-15-beta.zip on a unipi neuron m103
    python import pigpio gives ImportError: No module named pigpio
    There is also no pigpiod deamon

    I would like to use wiegand.py with EVOK on the neuron m103

  • HI @luc!

    Our I/O circuitry on Neuron (unlike the UniPi 1.1) is not directly connected to the Raspberry PI GPIOs, which is what PiGPIO is exclusively based upon - while you can install it, it will not be possible to read the Neuron digital inputs using the PiGPIO library. All references to PiGPIO in EVOK are related to UniPi 1.1.

    That said - you can still access the inputs as any other GPIOs, just not with the PiGPIO library, which - as the name indicates - only works with the native RaspberryPI circuitry. Depending on the speed you need you may be able to read the wiegand protocol with the DIs directly, though unfortunately not with the script you linked.

    I hope this helps

  • Hi @tomasknot,

    How to access the I/O directly from a python script running next to evok.py service. I tried the following:

    from import devices import *
    # import / run some more stuff to read config like /opt/evok/evok.py does
    device = Devices.by_name('relay','2_01')

    But get Exception: Invalid device circuit number 2_01

    Is it possible to have callbacks on input change with evok like in PIGPIO.

  • SysFS with python-sysfs seems to be an option.

    from sysfs import sys
    r2 = sys.devices.platform.unipi_plc.io_group2.ro_2_01
    r2.ro_value = '1' #set relay

  • Hi @luc!

    Yes, by directly I meant via SYSFS, apologies for not being clear. You may want to decrease the reading interval sysfs property to increase the throughput, though it may still be too slow.

  • @tomasknot
    The wiegand is 0-5 Vdc (it's not even 5 its 3.8Vdc)
    Wiegand data pulses are 50ys width and come at 1ms wiegand protocol

    (while Neuron DI locial 1 must be higher then 4.5Vdc and min puls with is 20ys)

    Is there any possibility to connect this to Neuron M103
    Are there raw PI inputs available?

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