Cannot see 1wire sensor in EVOK

  • I'm pretty new to this topic, so do not be angry if I did something wrong or forgot.
    I connected my UniPi with my Raspberry Pi, installed Raspbian, EVOK and Pimatic.
    I can see all the values in EVOK and can also control my relays via Pimatic.
    However, if I connect a 1-wire sensor, it will not be detected by EVOK.
    Do any other configurations need to be made here?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  • Hi @bibabutzemann!

    No need to worry about doing something wrong, the setup process is not entirely intuitive. As far as I can see all the steps you've taken are correct. I have tested the device just now with the latest version, and can confirm that it does work correctly.

    Could you mention which sensor you are using - and, if it is not a premade RJ45 one, take a photo of your cabling? At this point an error in the physical layer appears the most likely.

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