Another home automation project

  • I use unipi 1.1 for my house automation. My hardware setup is an old core to duo pc with linuxlite os on it and pimatic. Unipi with rpi 2 and evok setup.
    I used a pc cause with pimatic and a z-wave usb stick i control several devices like rip sencors, dimmer switches etc.
    Unipi's relay are used for heating, ventilation and some lights and inputs control several states of devices....1 wire is for temperature control of central boiler room, hot water, etc...

    Now i want to do the same to a friends house and i'm thinking of Neuron M103.
    You think it is possible to install Rasbian stretch lite, pimatic, z-wave usb stick and evok in neuron ?
    What about performance ? With my current setup speed is lightning fast but i use a pc for all the rules and for the z-wave network.

    Do you think neuron and rpi3 can make it ? Will i need something more for an aeotec z-stick or common install with open z-wave and pimatic plugin ?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts

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    Hello @BlackSoll,
    the performance should not be a problem, but it is hard to say because we don't now the details - how complicated the logic in Pimatic will be for example...

    The only thing you need to ensure is, that there will be no excessive writing on the SD card. The SD card has to be mounted as read only all the time and switch to read/write only when you need to change the settings (install programs, change the configuration etc.)


  • @martin-kudláček said in Another home automation project:

    writing on the SD

    Pimatic uses sqlite3 so read only mode will not work. I'm planing to use an 32GB INDUSTRIAL MICRO SDHC UHS-I CLASS 10. Writes are supposed to be spread out among the card, so the larger the card, the less chance of it writing over the same area multiple times.Just going from a 4GB to 8 GB card will cut the number of writes to the same area of the card in half.

    On second thought i may use one of the wd pidrives. It is pretty affordable.

    Usb ports of neuron are the rpi ports, right ? So i'll have no hard time to plug & install the aeotec z-stick.

    One more consern....After 2023 when unipi 1 support may stopped, will this means that EVOK will stop ? Pimatic without evok is useless for my neuron setup.

  • @BlackSoll

    As EVOK does not have a cloud component, it should not be affected by the end of support. Furthermore EVOK is supported on UniPi Neuron and Axon devices as well and is therefore likely to continue being available regardless, though compatibility with the UniPi 1 for future updates cannot be guaranteed.

  • As far as evok exists i'm ok. I may go a litle off topic, but i'm gonna miss "nc" contact of UniPi relays....Neuron have only "com" and "no"

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    SD Card: be aware, that the "industrial" class of SD cards doesn't ensure more writing. Typically, they only have extended temperature range. I would definitely go with some HDD or SSD for the data logging, as you stated above.

    Relays: you are right about the relays on Neuron and Axon, all of them are NO - "normally open". Some of them have dedicated COM but some of them share the COM with another relay. But if you really miss the functionality, you can use secondary relay - e.g. our din rail mounted relay - and connect it to DO or RO. Awkward, but it works.

  • @martin-kudláček said in Another home automation project:

    our din rail mounted relay - and connect it to DO or RO. Awkward, but it works.

    In most of my projects i use external relays to extend the life of embedded hardware relays, so it's not that awkward. I use mostly relays with coil voltage 230 V AC with UniPi 1.1 but now with the shared COM port and neuron power suply, i'll go with coil voltage 24 V DC.

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