Manage Digital Input/Output of unipi neuron m103

  • Hi, i want to switch on a light in digital output 1.1. How can I do it?
    I'm using nodejs server over modbus-rtu.

    My settings are:

    this.client.connectRTUBuffered(Configuration.modbus.port, {
                    baudRate: 38400,
                    dataBits: 8,
                    parity: 'none',
                    stopBits: 1
                }, async () => {
          'Modbus: connected!');

    Normally via rtu if I need to query a slave I just put slaveId and the register. But if I need to query slaveId of unipi and query the register of digital output how can i manage this?

    I Try with:

    this.client.setId(15) // Default address of Unipi??
    this.client.writeRegister(1,1) // Registers from group 1

    But nothing happens, can you help me? I can just use gpio?
    I have installed evok too, if can help

  • administrators

    Hi @DSurname ,
    if I understand it correctly, you are running your application on the M103 and you want to control the inputs/outputs on the M103? In that case, you cannot (or shouldn't) use ModbusRTU, because there is no Modbus Slave (Server) running on the M103 by default. To access those inputs/outputs, you can use many of the supported interfaces described in the official documentation:


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