L&T ER300P holding register reading through prolific converter

  • Hi,
    We have schneider 6400 and L&T ER300P smart meters which are connected to GTI (Grid-tie inverter) . We planned to get data centralised through prolific based converter (rs485 to serial) and libmodbus library. But data getting from ER300P is awkward (long integer data in register 40001 or 40002), but schneider responds. Please help to collect the data (Voltage , current , power , frequency) from ER300P.

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    Hello @Neethu,
    The Schneider EM6400 supports Modbus and you can read the values into Evok or Mervis.
    The L&T ER300P has RS485, but with some custom L&T protocol. You cannot easily read the data into Evok or Mervis.

    Typically, the best way is to use Modbus devices. Trying to implement any other protocol would be quite time consuming and requires vast knowledge.


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