Time Measurements with Neuron

  • Hi all,

    is it possible to measure timings within Neuron?

    I am thinking of using a HC-SR04 (see here) to measure distances. I got it working on a default RasPi but I would prefer to use it with my Neuron.

    I would need a 5V power source and use one DOutput (for trigger) and one DInput.

    For calculation about the distance I would need to measure the time between triggerin on DOut and the change on DIn to HIGH.

    Is this possible on the Neuron? With what piece of software? Python? C (can I use SysFS for this?)?

  • Unfortunately the timing is too quick to be done by anything but a direct line to the CPU (Raspberry Pi/Arduino GPIOs are such a line to the CPU, which is why it works at all). As such it's not possible to use with Neuron or UniPi 1.1 out of the box. With some warranty-voiding modifications it may be possible to connect the device to an unused RPi GPIO, but I cannot recommend this action unless you are fully comfortable taking the risk and voiding the warranty. I also cannot provide instructions on doing so.

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