UniPi and Codesys 3.5 (library references issue)

  • I have issue with integration of UniPI in Codesys 3.5. Working only with raspberry 3 is fine.
    When I start new project which is based on UniPI I got some errors which I add them below.

    1 step

    2 step


    3 step


    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,

    I got the issue resolved by codesys Support in the following way:


    {right click on the device -> update device}

    Br AleŇ°

  • Thank you for posting the resolution, I am sure others will find this helpful.

    Please note that this is expected behaviour when using any CODESYS project with different versions of the devices to the ones the project was developed with. The template project that is part of CODESYS for UniPi was developed with a particular version of CODESYS, yet will work with many different versions just by updating the device as shown. The project and package are only updated if there is an enhancement or a bug fix.

    Once you have created a project, if you wish to update to a new version of CODESYS for Raspberry Pi, or CODESYS for UniPi you would need to update any changed devices in the same way.

    I hope that helps explain why the step is required.

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