Using USB Ports to connect a RS232/USB converter

  • Hi,
    for a my project I need to connect a device that can communicates only in RS232 and I'm asking for possibility to use a RS232/USB converter connected directly to USB ports of the Neuron.
    I'm using CODESYS.
    Could be possible to drive this device?

  • Hi,
    This should be possible if you have the appropriate Linux device drivers installed. This is really a feature of CODESYS for Raspberry PI - there is an explanation of how to do this in the CODESYS Forum
    Please note that if you support the USB serial device then my understanding is you will no longer be able to access the built in serial ports on the Neuron with CODESYS (Because CODESYS appends the COM port number to a base DeviceFile, and the internal ports would have a different base name to the USB ones.). If you need further detail on this issue I suggest that the CODESYS Raspberry Pi forum is the best place to get further assistance.

    regards David

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