filter function

  • hi Tomas,

    there is only one issue left that I want to solve.
    I want to filter out the "temp" events within evoc websocket events. I tried websocket interface and HTTP Client. Both without success.

    Currrently I filter the "temp" devices in my python program when reading websocket events. But I would suppose doing it within evok would be better and faster.

    I raised this issue already in december but did not get a working response due to you being on vacation.

  • The filtering should be possible by sending the "filter" command to websocket. Is it not working correctly? There were some issues in the last release, but code on the GitHub Master branch should be fine.

  • Hi Tomas

    it looks like the sensors DS2438 which also have "temp" as device are not filtered out.
    DS18B20 seems to be ok.

  • It looks like the filtering didn't work for alternative nametypes - the primary nametype for 1Wire devices is 'sensor', but they report as 'temp' for compatibility reasons.

    It should be fixed in the latest Master on GitHub.

  • Hi Tomas,

    reinstalled evok -master today but unfortunately the filter function with "temp" or "sensor" did not work for ds2438.

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