SEDtronic Temp and Light intensity sensor

  • {'interval': 15, 'time': 1516373397.506752, 'humidity': 7.635268001359317, 'vad': '0.23', 'vdd': '4.96', 'temp': '19.625', 'circuit': '2616BF0A020000FC', 'typ': 'DS2438', 'dev': 'temp', 'lost': False}

    Hi Tomas,

    I supose that humidity value actually contains the light sensor value. How can I translate it to 0 - 100%?
    What Voltage does vad and vdd represent?

  • The humidity value is only valid for the humidity sensor; you should instead compute the light sensor value from the vad and vdd (which are in volts). The formula is in the sensor datasheet.

  • Thanks for your quick response.

    I have found another problem. Receiving the senor mesages through websocket interface just gets me one of the two DS2428 sensors out. They have the same type and humidity fields. Only the circuit is different. could this be the problem?

    I can get the data of both DS2428 through http client interface with no problem. Both sensors also appear in the unipi control panel. (of course with no values)

    Do I have to configure these sensors in evok.conf?

  • Sorry. Last point is solved. It was a cabling problem.

    But I have still a question regarding the correct humidity and light intensity. I used the formula for humidity as in the data sheet. Seems to be ok as the result is close to my net- atmo station.

    regarding the light intesity I don't understand what I have to do. What does Vsens input1 and input2 mean. My vad and vdd dont show the values mentioned in the data sheet.

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