Unipi 1.1 and modbus TCP

  • Is it possible to communicatie with the unipi 1.1 over modbus /tcp ?

  • It is, but it's relatively limited in what you can do. You need to use native Linux GPIO/PWM facilities to access the full range of UniPi 1.1 functions.

    As for instructions: you will need to use our Mervis image and will only be able to access DIs and AO. The Modbus map is as follows:
    0 - AO value r/w
    1 - DI value bitfield ro
    2 - DI1 counter r/w lower 16 bits
    3 - DI1 counter r/w upper16 bits
    4 - DI2 counter r/w lower 16 bits
    5 - DI2 counter r/w upper16 bits
    24 - DI12 counter r/w lower 16 bits
    25 - DI12 counter r/w upper 16 bits

    It might be best to see how it works with Mervis, which uses this very Modbus scheme to communicate with UniPi 1.1. You can try it out for free, simply download our MervisOS image under downloads/software/Mervis, along with the Mervis installer in the same folder. Only the cloud functionality requires a valid license.

  • Ok thx !

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