Wrong calculation of humidity

  • Hi,
    Just found this little issue when playing around with a DS2438 sensor:

    'humidity': (((float(self.value[1]) / (float(self.value[0]) - 0.16)) / 0.0062) / (1.0546 - 0.00216 * float(self.value[2]))),

    should be:

    'humidity': ((((float(self.value[1]) / float(self.value[0])) - 0.16) / 0.0062) / (1.0546 - 0.00216 * float(self.value[2]))),

    Hope this helps!

  • administrators

    Thanks! We got the calculation from a datasheet of some sort, so we didn't think there would be an error in operator precedence. It's fairly obvious in hindsight! We'll put it in the next update soon.


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