Raspbian useable?

  • Hi all,

    yes, this might be a totally stupid queestion....but.

    Am I ok to use the default Rapsbian image to boot my Neuron? And then install Evok and I am fine?

    Or do I need the images which are provided by UniPi?



  • Hi @knebb !

    For EVOK you can either use Raspbian Jessie/Stretch, or our UniPian image (not Mervis image though and only for Neuron). For CODESYS or Mervis you have to use our images, as they contain custom low-level applications which are necessary to provide the fast control environment that the programs require.

  • Hi,

    and sorry for wakeup of this old thread.

    I did not use my device for a while and I have Raspbian Jessie installted with Evok from March 2018.

    Can I do a "apt get upgrade" in order to update Raspbian? Or would there be any conflicts with Evok.

    And, BTW is there an easy way to upgrade Evok (not sure if there is an Update available)...?


  • administrators

    Hello @knebb,
    the current official way is to use Raspbian Stretch, then add our repository and install evok from it. Use the instructions on https://github.com/UniPiTechnology/evok.


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