Unable to connect 1wire temp-sensors, how to configure 1wire interface?

  • I am not able to connect any number of DS18B20-sensors (single one straight to the port or through the 1wire 8port hub).

    I'm using the pinout as described on: https://www.unipi.technology/tutorial/topology-of-1-wire-network-46

    It seems strange to me that even with nothing connected i see the below:

    pi@unipi:/sys/bus/w1/devices $ ls
    00-7a0000000000  00-ba0000000000  w1_bus_master1

    The seem to be dummy devices as their id's change over time, both of them missing the w1_slave-file
    it makes me think that I'm missing a configuration step, i am however unable to find any notion what i need to configure.

    The UniPi M20x is corrently running Rasbian Stretch with Evok (https://github.com/UniPiTechnology/evok#testing-latest-git-versions)

    Evok lists 1wire as empty but this might be because i have not configured it properly:

    #!! don't use # for inline comments
    log_level = ERROR   ; one of INFO, DEBUG, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL
    log_file = /var/log/evok.log
    webname = unipi-neuron
    staticfiles = /var/www/evok
    ;password = 
    ;rpcpassword = 
    secret = 
    port = 80
    enable_cors = False
    cors_domains = *
    modbus_port = 0
    #modbus_address =
    modbus_address = *
    scan_frequency = 2
    scan_enabled = True
    owbus = --i2c=/dev/i2c-1:ALL     ; scanned bus (--i2c=/dev/i2c-1:ALL or localhost:2122 or 'u' for USB dongle)
    interval = 3          ; [s] default sensor reading
    scan_interval = 300    ; [s] how often is made searching

    How did you, friendly forum member, get 1wire to work?

  • Solved the problem, I did two things wrong:

    • I had enabled the 1wire-interface through raspi-config, turning this off made the sensor show up in evok
    • I had two bad sensors connected to the hub

    Evok output:

    1Wire Sensors/Devices
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FF896672150104:   19.1°C
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FF1FDF7215012D:   20.1°C
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FF71B761150300:   39.5°C
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FF147F611502B8:   37.9°C
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FFFEA162150371:   20.6°C
    Sensor DS18B20 - 28FF55B66215038C:   45.6°C

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