Evok, json, Python2.7, read multiple inputs so SLOW??

  • Hello, here I post my code. "s" is the server instance from jsonrpclib.

    while 1:
    If I only read one input, response time is approx 0.1[s]. But if I read all 12 (not DI13 and DI14) inputs (also with for loop writing into array) it takes 0.7 to 0.8 [s].

    Any idea on how to speed this up? I can't have that latency when reading all inputs. My idea is to have a while 1 loop to have coherent info inside it: read input, do my code, set output.

    Thank you for help!
    Is there anything like this?

    ps: UniPi 1.1 (full version wiith 8 output relays)

    ps2: VERY IMPORTANT: in the webbrowser the status of the digital inputs has no delay! I found with measuring timers that is the "s.input_get_value(1)" operation that takes a lot of time. Any other way? Using PIGPIO is ok to read digital inputs?

  • Websocket solved the issue. Thank you

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