Would UniPi not consider, switching over to ODROID-C2 from RP3 as their central unit?

  • Or at least consider it as an upgrade option, it's only €10 extra, but the eMMC modules would also cost more than a SD.
    The ODROID-C2 is mostly a Korean improved RP3 clone.

    I was thinking it myself, but also hear from many people, microSD cards are not really the most reliable storage solution for a PLC type of devices, so a move to eMMC, would not really be a bad one.

    • It's 25% faster, always nice, but we properly not need it.
    • Gbit networking dedicated true CPU not true USB as on the RP3.
    • 2GB RAM
    • An extra SD slot for back-up/failover or extra storage, and can be used to upload to eMMC card.
    • But above all, it has the much more reliable eMMC5.0 storage option, with a nice speed upgrade.(1).
    • Runs standard Linux, instead of Raspbian, so you can use more standard Linux device drivers, like USB RSxxx dongles, and maybe better support for Domotica like software?
    • And is pin and mostly hardware, and layout compatible whit the RP3, so it could be implemented whit minimum effort.
    • Downside, it's got no BT or WiFi, but that could easily be fixed with €10 USB dongle(2), if people really needed it.

    It would be nice to hear what others think of this.

    (1) eMMC5.0 is something really desirable from a reliability standpoint, as eMMMC5.0 has a real SSD controller (light version from SATA), mutch better I/O performance, and fewer problems whit write amplification, that could crash your storage over time.
    (2) Could also be sold true your website.

    p.s. your spam filter is really aggressive, and blocks you if you edit your post more than 2 times in one row.

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