reduce Interval from DS18B20 Sensor

  • Hello,

    i want to change the Interval from 15 seconds to 1. It is possible?

    i try this:
    wget -qO- http://localhost:8088/rest/sensor/28FF449D711604A1 --post-data='interval=1'

    but this returns an error:
    {"errors": {"all": "'DS18B20' object has no attribute '_MySensor__bus'"}, "success": false}

    What am I doing wrong?


  • so i reply my self.

    i uncomment the following lines in evok.conf

    [SENSOR_1]           ; onewire thermometer
    bus = 1              ; link to OWBUS_X
    address = 28FF449D711604A1
    type = DS18B20
    interval = 1

    so, you can see the intervall is reduce to 1s.

    {"interval": 1, "value": 22.55, "circuit": "1", "address": "28FF449D711604A1", "time": 1494087547.135313, "typ": "DS18B20", "lost": false, "dev": "temp"}

    cu daniel

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