Wrong device model in EVOK (Patron)

  • Hi,

    EVOK provides incorrect information on Patron:

      "glob_dev_id": 1,
      "last_comm": 0.06514811515808105,
      "ver2": "0.1",
      "sn": 60,
      "circuit": "1",
      "model": "M527",
      "dev": "neuron", <-- Should be patron
      "board_count": 2

    Could you fix this, please?


  • administrators

    Hello @Vesa-Kauppinen,

    The 'dev' field describes an object type (similarly to di or relay) so the key has to be constant regardless of the PLC series. You are right, this can be a little bit confusing - it's a piece of history ;-).

    Now, we will add the new field of a family containing Patron/Neuron/Axon string.

    The 'dev' field fix is a breaking change of the existing API and will be subject to change within an upcoming new Major version.

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