Can't connect evok with a third party module

  • Hi,

    we are attending to connect an external power meter module to Neuron S103 hardware.

    We have connected them electrically through the RS485 serial port, and we have configure /etc/evok.conf like this:

    global_id = 2 
    device_name = CUSTOM_MODBUS_DEVICE 
    modbus_uart_port = /dev/extcomm/0/0
    neuron_uart_circuit = 1_01
    allow_register_access = True 
    address = 1 
    ;scan_frequency = 10
    ;scan_enabled = True 
    baud_rate = 38400
    ;parity = N
    ;stop_bits = 1
    owbus = /dev/i2c-1 --i2c=/dev/i2c-1:AL 
    interval = 3
    scan_interval = 300

    The connection is active because we see the Tx and Rx Led from both the devices blinking.

    However, we would like to use evok to get data from the extension module, but we don't see anything on evok dashboard.


    We think the problem is in the /etc/hw_definitions/CUSTOM_MODBUS_DEVICE.yaml but we don't know how to configure it.

    Could you help us with this problem?

    If you want we can give you the datasheet of the module.


  • administrators

    For the record, this issue is currently being dealt with over email.


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