Sysfs interface support for extension modules (Pt.2)

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    hi martin,

    is this feature planned or will we have to use evok if we want to access the extension modules ?

    i'm asking as a colleague of mine (michael hacker) wrote "unipi-mqtt-api" a sysfs-based implementation of a mqtt client (with home-assistant support) which is a lot faster then my own evok-based script.

    as i'm having 3 extensions on my production neuron i have to stay on the evok-based solution atm but it would be nice to have sysfs support for the extensions ... even if they might be not as fast as the built-in module.

    tia, wbr, tja...

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    Hi @tja,
    this is not planned, nor it makes sense from the architecture point of view. The SysFS endpoints are generated from the Unipi kernel module, which is aware of the HW it is running on, but not aware of any peripheral devices.

    The only way right now is the Evok, or you can directly poll the devices over ModbusRTU. We have some internal discussion from time to time about adding support for extensions to our ModbusTCP service. So far, no work has been done on that part.

    Best regards,

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