Mender support for OpenSource OS on Neuron M203

  • Hello,

    We are currently studying your Neuron M203 PLC and as part of our study we want to ensure we can update that device remotely. We are planning on using Mender ( to do so but we are currently stuck at boot time after converting your latest image.

    We followed Mender's debian image conversion guide on neuron-opensource-os_image-20210401.0's image file. Flashing your original image gives us a bootable device that we can ssh to. However when using mender-convert the converted image does not boot completely and the network interface does not get turned on and we cannot ssh at all.

    Did you ever work with Mender? If so, would you have some ideas on what could have gone wrong?

    Do not hesitate if you need further details from us.

    In advance, thank you.

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    Hello @romainletendart,
    thank you for considering Unipi products for your project.

    We already checked and it seems like interesting project, on which we would like to focus in the future. Unfortunately we haven't acquired any hands-on experience, yet.

    Can you please verify, whether the converting of stock RaspberryPI OS works? It would also help to check the HDMI output during the booting, but that's a bit ill-advised, since removing the HDMI blank typically voids warranty.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Martin,

    Just for the record, we successfully menderized neuron-opensource-os_image-20210806.0 and the PLC now boots up. There seems to be an issue with u-boot 2020.01 that mender uses by default. Using version 2019.01 works just fine.

    Best regards,


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