Neuron vs Patron

  • Hello,

    i'm planning system and my needs suits Neuron S103 or Patron S207.

    My needs are:

    1-W Thermometers
    2 Digital Inputs
    4 Digital Outputs

    I don't expect more digital outputs, so i will be satisfied with Neuron, but there is always catch...

    I don't have any good experiences with Neurons SDcards. Getting corrupted from 3 to 15 months of runtime. Will be pSLC, or SLC cards way more better than classic SDcards shipped with Neuron, or it will not be that better, so i should take Patron series?

  • administrators

    Hello @JakubCh,
    yes, the SLC cards are significantly better, yet the Patron's eMMC is even better, because it doesn't suffer from the power outages.

    Best regards,

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