Neuron vs Gateway with HomeAssistant

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    I have a question regarding difference between neuron and unipi gateway. I am thinking about control system of my home and decided to use HomeAssistant as a heart of my home smartness. The question is, how to read switches and make actions like switching lights on/off, running window blinds and so on. I am little bit confused, if i need eg UniPi Neuron with installed HomeAssistant on it, or is better way just to have UniPi Gateway with Extensions boards connected together and using modbus plugin at HA to read/write from/to extensions board ports. Can you help me with decision pls?

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    Hi @honza-muller,
    both solutions will work. The Gateway + Extensions will allow you to distribute the devices across the building, thus having a "tree with branches" kind of topology. The pure Neuron will result in the "tree" topology, where you will have to have longer cables from the PLC to each device/sensor/switch/light/etc. From SW point of view, there is no difference. The Neuron's however can be purchased with RPI4, so you can have more performance and RAM.

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