Unipi 1.1 - physical press button - Philips Hue

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    I'm currently looking to purchase a Unipi 1.1, but I would like to confirm certain things first. I have some physical press buttons in my house (to switch on/off the lights), and my goal would be to connect them to the Unipi on the digital inputs (pressing one of the button would activate a specific DI).

    I would then write a piece of code (the language doesn't matter) to intercept the activation of the DIs and to trigger a REST request on my Philips Hue hub: this request would be to switch on/off certain lights.

    The important part is the communication between the Unipi and the Philips Hue hub:

    • on the Unipi, will it be possible to intercept the activation of a DI and to react by triggering a REST request (via cURL for example)?
    • how fast would be the process at the Unipi level? (the time between the DI is detected as 'on' and the triggering of the REST request)


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    Hi @Adrewyew,
    this is definitely possible. I would suggest to take look into Node-RED, which already does this in very fast fashion - in 10s of miliseconds. We have a Node-RED image ready with a default projects which already reads the states of the DIs. Please, follow this tutorial: https://kb.unipi.technology/en:sw:03-3rd-party:nodered:installation-unipi11

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  • Hello Martin,

    Perfect, many thanks for your answer!

    Best regards,

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