A first post about my home

  • Hi, just wanted to share with you a first post I wrote about how I made my smart home using two of your products: The neuron and an extension module.

    The system is quite unique since i wrote the embedded software and the mobile app from scratch. Feel free to leave questions and comments on what do you prefer me to tackle next.

    BTW: thanks unipi for creating such a valuable product

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    Hi Riccardo,
    thanks for sharing your project with us! You have really taken the project from the ground up, the only missing part would be building the OS with yocto, as you mentioned:) How will you take care about the OS updates?


  • I am building the os as well (based on yocto). Want to use swupdate and a dual partitioning system but I am stuck with uboot that don't want to boot and attaching a serial connector is not that easy/safe because the Neuron is already installed. Options I have are either to buy another unit or to patch swupdate to use the default raspberry pi bootloader (even if the fallback policy in case of a broken update is not that easy to tackle with the default bootloader).

    Currently I am mainly working on network security because I want to have a mutual tls between the remote relay server and clients but updates are the next topic.

    Will keep you updated.

  • Here is a brief video about the system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mjHFFgHrBA It is controlling heating actuators, lights, it is reading rooms tempertaure via 1w sensors and it operates an anti-theft system (sensors on windows and doors). I also have multiroom audio (with snapcast) but that is not fully integrated yet.

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