Replacing custom PLC based home automation with Unipi Neuron?

  • I currently have a own-made PLC based home automation system using a Siemens PLC S7-200, a Siemens SITOP 10 24Vdc/10A Power supply and a bunch of Siemens Sirius Contactor relays, 4 NO 24V . But due to the closed nature of Siemens PLC's, the current absence of network connectivity and limited interoperability possibilities without resorting to expensive commercial/industrial closed products. And also the fact that this PLC seems to be discontinued and I'm planning to do some home renovation soon and will be needing more I/O than I currently have available, but won't be easily find extra extensions for it.. I am looking for an open alternative to replace this PLC with.

    I was first looking at railduino as a possible replacement, but then bumped on Unipi Neuron. I don't find much english info beside the extensive info on the Unipi website itself. But from what I've read there, Unipi Neuron looks to be an ideal replacement, as it looks to be pretty robust and has integrated direct switching for basic functionality as a safety.

    So I am strongly considering buying a Unipi Neuron.
    Currently I have 40 inputs and 35 outputs. So a Unipi Neuron L203 in combination with a Unipi Extension xS11 should be able to do the job ?
    And I can re-use my current 24v power supply to both power the Unipi, the extension, the input signals, a few motion detectors and a LED strip ?
    And as I understand correctly I can even bypass the current contactor relays by switching the 230Vdc current (with 16A circuit breakers) of the lights/shutter motors/etc directly with the relay outputs ?
    I would also like to add remote control using smartphone, IFTTT, etc.. So was looking to openHAB and/or Node-Red.. Any recommendations on that?

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