Measure 2 Temperature and 2 Humidity

  • Hello ! I have unipi 1.1 and I need to measure temperature and Humidity separately or in one probe.

    I want to use the 2 AI inpusts channels (they misure only 0-10V)'s diffcult to find converters from PT100 or NTC to 0 - 10V .... what do you suggest me?

    I want know if there is a SPI port in Unipi 1.1 to use SPI devices, for example Adafruit:
    SPI Logic pins: SCK - This is the SPI Clock pin, its an input to the chip SDO - this is the Serial Data Out / Master In Slave Out pin, for data sent from the MAX31865 to your processor SDI - this is the Serial Data In / Master Out Slave In pin, for data sent from your processor to the MAX31865 CS - this is the Chip Select pin, drop it low to start an SPI transaction. Its an input to the chip

    thank you!

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    Hello @FabioIT,
    the SPI is not used by the Unipi 1.1 and it is not exposed as any port. You can access the SPI on the pin header of the Raspberry Pi, but it would require to create some "hat" that goes between the Rpi and the Unipi 1.1 ribbon connector.


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