After upgrade Neuron M103 appeared new virtual relays 2.09-2.16

  • After upgrade Neuron M103 (apt-get upgrade) with 8 real relays appeared new relays in EVOK. Now I see unworked relays 2.09-2.16, additional Analog Input 1.02 and 8 ULEDs. Looks like all ports mirrored. When I enable relay 2.01 the relay 2.09 automatically turns on.

    Any idea how to fix that?

    neuron-kernel/stretch,now armhf [installed]
    evok/stretch,now 2.1.4~stretch armhf [installed]
    unipi-common/stretch,now 1.2.12~stretch armhf [installed]
    unipi-firmware/stretch,stretch,now 5.40 all [installed]
    unipi-firmware-tools/stretch,now 1.2.12~stretch armhf [installed]
    unipi-modbus-tools/stretch,now 1.2.12~stretch armhf [installed]
    unipiap/stretch,stretch,now 0.2 all [installed]

  • FIxed in EVOK 2.1.6. Thanks.
    But all aliases were deleted. I had to configure all aliases again.

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